Adventure awaits at Azure Seas
Superbly located just north of Lowestoft along the Suffolk coast, Corton boasts spectacular sunrise views and fantastic links to a number of quintessential English towns and attractions. With all our holiday homes set upon striking cliffs cushioned by surrounding forests, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
Explore sandy dunes by traversing the path straight from your doorstep, or meander through sun-dappled groves, taking in some of nature’s most beautiful scenery. Just a short walk from the village’s amenities, this seven-acre spread sits on the historical site of the famous mustard-milling Colman family’s seaside retreat—perfect for a collection of cosy, contemporary lodges suitable for every time of year.
Ocean Glade

Our brand-new luxury lodge development within Azure Seas is the perfect place to relax, unwind and renew your inner sense of peace. Surrounded by the sounds of sylvan glades and gently rolling waves, you can let your worries fall away and just breathe.

Our Values
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By having an exceptional focus on the quality of our customer care, we aim to provide an unrivalled experience for all services provided. We believe that through attentive service and that by talking—and listening—to our customers’ wants and needs, we can exceed all of your expectations by simply going the extra mile.